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Why do I eat gluten-free?

Good morning everyone! I wanted to explain a bit more about why I eat gluten free. We do talk about it a bit in our about page but I wanted to go more in depth.

I eat gluten free because my body reacts highly unkindly to gluten found in basically all wheat. (In the future I will talk about the one wheat I can eat.) I have been eating gluten free for over 11 years now. It has certainly not always been a fun journey. I would say the learning curve was rather steep. In the beginning there were quite a few less products, and most of them were very bad. Heck, most of them still are not very good! It was also rather frustrating learning to properly read labels and find out what was ok to eat and what was not. We could certainly go down paranoia lane and talk about how the big corporations are trying to hide all sorts of things in our foods under fancy names. Lets not go there right now though, but even things as straight forward as realizing you need to be careful of “Modified Food Starch” if it doesn’t say what it’s made from can easily put you down the wrong path in the beginning.

I have adjusted some things since the beginning. I have learned what my body seems to care about, and what it does not, or simply what I can get away with… I no longer care about what is fried in a mixed fryer with gluten containing foods, (Hint: If you are just starting out or are EXTREMELY sensitive, DO NOT do this) and I do have a tendency to fudge on the whole food starch thing. I like French fries too much!

Making sure you don’t eat things that will make you sick is important, we should also enjoy life though. Eating gluten can literally immobilize me, or at least make life highly unpleasant. I’ve also found that enjoying French fries does not expose me to enough risk to worry about cutting them out of my diet and it makes me happy to eat them! Food should make us happy. Sure, it’s about giving our bodies the fuel and nutrients we need to survive and do what we need to do, but we should enjoy it. Certainly if you knowing eating a certain thing will make you sick (hello loaf of bread) avoid that, but if you get super stressed out over the more minor ingredients like food starch that don’t really bother you don’t worry about it too much. If you know you are sensitive enough you have to avoid food cooked in a mixed fryer then please do avoid those French fries. The stress from being highly paranoid will do you far greater harm though frequently than fudging on the food starch. I know stress causes my stomach to get messed up and the negative effects of stress are well documented.

So back to the beginning, I eat gluten free because gluten makes me sick, I also want to avoid the stress of being so paranoid I can’t enjoy my food and thinking I’m going to get sick at every turn. That is why we did create our brownies, so that you can enjoy the best food, but also not have to worry about getting sick! So get out there, pay attention to what you eat, but also enjoy life!

Make it a tasty day,


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