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Who want’s a cracker? Try Lance Gluten Free Crackers!

Crackers, those tiny transporters of delicious goodness. They can hold peanut butter or cheese and sausage, be piled high with caviar for the fancy among us or be lightly smeared with butter for a light snack. Highly versatile, packs small, and typically inexpensive to make, they are sooo useful. Gluten free versions have been around quite awhile, and I would say they were one of the first products available because they are “relatively easy” to make gluten free.

It has not been odd for many of these previous versions to explode in your hand as soon as you pick them up or them to taste like cardboard. Thankfully, gluten free has come a long way! One thing that I hadn’t found is a Ritz style buttery cracker, and I did miss them so much!

Lance to the Rescue!

I think we have found quite a good substitute! The Lance Gluten Free Crackers! We found them rather inadvertently actually. They were left over at a family event, at which i had avoided eating them, and then got sent home with us. I decided to try them finally, and they are quite good!

They are made with rice flour, so they are out for my kids, but we can eat them in secret… Since they are mostly rice flour they do have that rice crunch to them. Rice flour can make things a tiny bit grainy, but these aren’t bad at all in the “grainy” department.

They have quite the nice buttery flavor to them, with no real aftertaste. They are quite delicious with cheese, or smeared with peanut butter. While rummaging on amazon I also found they sell cheese and peanut butter gluten free crackers if those are your weakness!

If you have missed something like a ritz I would try them out! If you would prefer to make your own this recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring looks good.

Make it a tasty day,


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