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What is your Favorite Coffee Mug?

Some of my Favorite coffee mugs

The humble coffee mug, in many ways, is one of my favorite dishes in the kitchen; it can be so expressive or so plain. You can have them hold 12 pots of coffee at once, or barely a drop. Coffee mugs come self-stirring, self-heating, with faces on the bottom or even ones that change colors when they get hot.

I could probably buy a new mug every place I went. Different sizes, different shapes, especially hand crafted mugs are my favorite.  I still end up only using one or two different coffee mugs every day even with several different options. Why is that? Because we all enjoy the comfort of habit even when we have lots of exciting options available.

One of our coffee mugs that is really cool, I rarely use! It is a large one and I found out, after using it, that I don’t like large mugs because my coffee cools down too fast. My favorite coffee mug is a small mug, maybe 8-10 ozs, fairly sturdy, fun looking but without too many nooks and crannies. Ironically I would still buy large ones based on appearances, but I restrain myself because I know they would just sit on the shelf without being used.

I know others who only use a yeti style mug or other travel mug to drink out of. I do use that style for my coffee when I go places, but not as an everyday mug.

What is your favorite mug? Whats your favorite dish in the kitchen that you are always tempted to buy one more if it’s cool and unique?

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  • Allison

    Most used was a gift from a coworker that reads “eat a bag of dicks” and has pretty flowers. Favorites are the various few with unicorns on them that my grandma collected. I NEVER use them but they’re always close by

    September 18, 2019

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