Update on our Kids Food Allergies — Off Kilter Brownies
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Update on our Kids Food Allergies

I wanted to give y’all an update on our kids food allergies. One of the biggest reasons I want to do this is because of how it is going to effect the recipes that appear on here. As I mentioned, last time we knew for sure that one of our daughters had some nut allergies and was for sure allergic to rice and dairy. As I’ve been a fan of being more grain free anyway, I took that as a sign that we should just really focus on grain free recipes instead of gluten free.

Well… then the tummy trouble apocalypse came, for all 3 of our kids… My one daughter that we had tested most recently tested fine for almonds, just not some tree nuts. Well, apparently almonds might be on that list anyway. They do NOT do well with almond flour based products. So we are going to transition away from those as well.

There are of course many other options for grain free stuff, almond flour just works really well in my opinion. So in the future, you will see more einkorn based recipes as we know it works for our kiddos. I will be working on trying other recipes that look good and still are safe for our various kids food allergies.

An Inadvertent Review

Also, a minor review that was not supposed to be a review, Katie and I went to Romano’s Macaroni Grill for our anniversary. We wanted Italian food, and we wanted a higher quality than Olive Garden. Well, we ended up with a very mediocre experience, and very mediocre food for too much money.

They do have gluten free pasta, which is great. They do not have a gluten free or friendly actual menu, though. Not even just a sheet of paper someone threw together with the options. So the waiter had to remember what the options were. I did verify off of their allergen chart online after he walked away.

The food was fine, the actual pasta was fairly good, though poorly cooked as it was completely stuck together. For 2 entrees and salads plus tip, I was rather disappointed in what we got for $50.

Maybe you already go to Macaroni Grill and you love it and you can easily navigate the way they do GF items. If so, then great! If not, I wouldn’t bother.  Olive Garden does a much better job of having the proper options laid out and it’s for less money. Maybe you even have a local restaurant that will do a better job for you!

Make it a tasty day,


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