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The Dangers of Assuming: McDonalds Fries

Well then, I learned something new today, and it further emphasizes the need to always ready ingredients lists and not make assumptions. Apparently not only are McDonalds fries cooked in the same oil as gluten containing items (Not surprising) they contain wheat themselves.  They make their frires with hydrolyzed wheat protein as part of the beef flavoring. Their hash browns are the same way 🙁

I wasn’t really expecting my fries to have beef flavoring, but I guess it makes them tastier? I can’t really argue with that… Granted I haven’t actually had McDonalds fries in years, but I always assumed in the back of my head that I could eat fries if I really got into a jam.

What about others?

I went and did some digging on some of the other main fast food chain sites to see what I could find. Burger King doesn’t list ingredients and just says they make their fries on the same equipment as wheat and dairy. Wendy’s has ingredients and they are clean in that regard, but they are fried in shared fryers. So if cross contact of that level is an issue you want to avoid that. Chick-Fil-A has a clean ingredients list, but they don’t really specify whether their fryers are mixed or not. So take that one with a grain of salt (literally and figuratively).We eat Chick Fil A’s fries fairly often and have never had an issue, but you could also ask at your specific restaurant for more details.

What lesson did I learn? Don’t Assume! You would think that after 12 years of severe gluten sensitivity and working in the restaurant industry that I would know better. Yet, it’s just so easy to assume something is safe. Read and ask questions!

Make it a tasty day,


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