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The Best Pan Spray, Avocado Oil!

The Best Pan Spray!

Pan spray. That wonderfully useful but also mildly concerning can that will grease anything it touches (including your window when you miss the pan). No smearing butter with your fingers, or sloshing around the oil you poured in your loaf pan. It’s a wonder! Buuuuut there are some concerning ingredients: Why do we need soy lecithin, propellants or anti-foaming agents? We don’t anymore! I bring to you the best pan spray available: Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Spray.

Is it perfection in a can?

Well, almost. I really do like it, though; it has only one ingredient, avocado oil. That is it! No propellants or anti-foaming agents. Avocado oil is really great for baking because it has a really high smoke point at 500 degrees. This makes it much less likely to burn in your oven or pan.

This avocado oil by Chosen Foods is tested to be free of pesticides. It is also low heat refined so that it keeps the oil as stable as possible and keeps all the good components of the oil.

What are the imperfections?

I would say my only real issue with it is the nozzle. Due to the lack of all of the various additives, it does have a different nozzle over the regular pan spray. It relies solely upon air pressure, so if you push the nozzle incorrectly it just sprays out a stream of oil instead of a spray. While inconvenient at times, the convenience of being able to use spray oil in good conscious far outweighs some nozzle issues.

Have you tried this Avocado Oil Spray or another one? Let us know in the comments or on social media your thoughts or experience with it!

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