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Own your food allergies

,,Is the world ending?

Situations such as coronavirus bring up something that is highly applicable to us with limited diets. If you have food allergies, you need to own your food allergies by planning ahead in case of emergencies. Emergencies can be anything from self-imposed quarantine (it’s flu season, I don’t want to go to the grocery store!) to flooding, major weather events knocking out power, a zombie apolcaypse, etc. It is important to prepare for emergencies no matter what, but if you have food allergies you need to be extra vigilent as it will be harder for you to share food with others or even use provided emergency supplies.

Our food supply system works on the “Just in Time” inventory system. So trucks are literally delivering product right before the shelves go empty. If you have ever gone to buy a product and they tell you they are out, you are experiencing a failure in that system. Most stores have no large back stocks in the back room. They have just enough space to unload trucks and then move that product to the shelves. If they have it, you can see it, and if you don’t see it, they don’t have it.

Then again, If you can’t leave your house, it doesn’t matter what the grocery store does or doesn’t have, you only have access to what is in your pantry. A couple of years ago we were trapped for several days with no power due to flooding. If you live anywhere with hurricanes, you know that emtpy grocery store shelves and limited escape are annual realities. With food allergies ,we can’t simply go borrow from neighbors or stock 100 pounds of white flour either.

What to keep?

I’m not going to go deeply into how to stock a pantry, but I want you to consider what you would do if you couldn’t leave home for 2 weeks. Do you have enough food to be relatively content and eat according to your or your kids specific needs? If you have food allergies, you need to own your food allergies and plan ahead.

A few things that we have on a shelf in the pantry – canned meats, veg, and fruit. Applesauce, cinnamon, oats, honey. Beans, salt, oil. Dry mixes like brownies and other desserts – who wants to eat plain beans and rice for 2 weeks?!

What steps do you take to make sure you have your allergies prepared for?


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