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My Philosophy of Food

How do you like to eat? No, I don’t mean with a fork or with your fingers, though perhaps that should be another conversation… I mean how do you approach what foods and how much you eat. We all have a philosophy of food – a way in which we decide what we will and will not eat.

Somewhat surprisingly to myself, I would say my philosophy of food has not changed much over my 30ish years. Things have adjusted some due to my food allergies, but generally the way I eat has stayed the same.

The Basics

The foundation of how I eat is based on eating as many whole food based & made from scratch meals as possible. We eat lots of whole carrots, cucumbers, celery, fresh fruit, and salads.   Our bodies do best when eating whole foods as the fiber helps to moderate the sugars as well as helps our body to function properly.

Eating yummy tasting food is also highly important to me. I know many people who are always trying to find a good low carb alternative to this or sugar free alternative to that.  I can fully appreciate that approach, and, granted, there are people who truly have no alternative. They have no choice but to eat zero sugar. Although I know refined sugar creates some health problems and it would be healthier to never ever eat it again, sugar does some things that no other product can do, so we do still use it occasionally. Refined sugar creates a certain structure and binds water in a way that gives us that chewiness and moistness that other sugars do not do. Maybe I will write another post going more in depth on that!

I always want my food to be as healthy as possible, but I also want to really enjoy my food. I would rather eat that “treat” once a month or even once every two months, but LOVE it, instead of eating a “meh” substitute more often. This philosophy very much informs what we eat, and you will probably see that come through on the recipes I post. I have no intention of bringing y’all a recipe that’s just ok. That is one of the reasons we are only selling brownies. I have other recipes I could use, and they are good, but they are not amazing. I want to knock people’s socks (sorry kilts!) off with how good it is.

My basic philosophy of food is that I want our eating to help decrease our stress, not make it worse. Food should be fun and enjoyable, not making your life stressful all the time.

The Weeds

There are always nuances to any aspect of our lives. Not as major as the above foundations, but smaller things that still affect our eating philosophy.

We strive to produce as much of our food as possible. A very important aspect of our food is what goes into it. As we have talked about previously, sometimes it’s the little things that sneak into our food that make us sick. We want to be able, as much as possible, to control the source of our food to know what was put in it and on it. By growing our own food, this allows us to do that. What we cannot produce ourselves, we do try and get from other local producers that we know.

In relation to that, we do strive to eat pasture raised meats and “organic” products when possible. A discussion of organic, and how effective that label is in the mass market, is beyond the reach of today’s topic, but we do try to make sure we are eating responsibly raised food. Sometimes that means an organic labeled item. Because this label is expensive and takes years to qualify for, most small producers will never be able to achieve it despite having better actual products, so many times we just talk to our farmers and source locally & responsibly raised items without any labeling.

Last, but certainly not least, is budget. Eating healthy and well is important, but resources are always finite. This is one reason we raise much of our own food. We can raise a chicken for less money than the equivalent quality from elsewhere.  We do have to make choices about what we eat, and how we spend our money, so sometimes we cannot afford the quality we would prefer, but we make the best efforts where we can – and don’t stress about the rest!


I’m sure I have missed some aspect of my philosophy of food here. There are so many things that effect the decisions we make that it can be hard to wrap our heads around everything. Eating quality whole foods, making tasty meals, and not breaking the budget are the foundations of our eating philosophy.

What is the basic of your philosophy of food? Let us know!

Make it a tasty day,



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