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Mommy Mousse Brownies


Mommy mousse brownies

As a busy mom there are nights, I just need some chocolate and a little decadence in my life! Dads I know you need to feel special too so believe me this is just as much for you!

This week after not feeling well, having a busy day at work, and a full day of volunteering at the kid’s school this momma needed a chocolate kinda night. Fancy desserts can often take a lot of prep, waiting and time. Thankfully this one takes less than normal but you get the high-end restaurant dessert feel 😊

What you need:

Off Kilter Brownie Mix

(2 eggs, 3oz. butter, ½ tsp vanilla)

2 ½ cups HEAVY cream

½ C powdered sugar

¼ C cocoa powder

½ tsp vanilla extract

Heavy cream, cocoa powder, vanilla, and powdered sugar

Of course, I started with our Original brownie, easy peasy, mix. In the oven it went and out it came.

As my brownies are baking and cooling. I work on dinner and whip up some easy chocolate mousse.

Easy mousse? Ya, right! Seriously, it’s so easy!!

OK, there may be some debate as to if it is really mousse or not and I can see both sides. For me, in reality, it is a very simple chocolate whipped cream that has the creamy, silky, and airy texture of a mousse.

To start the mousse, I have one tried and true “trick” I use for whenever I whip cream. I always use a chilled metal bowl. Is this necessary? Absolutely not! I like it because I believe you get a slightly creamier texture. It also cuts down on the amount of time it takes for the cream to whip. I also think there is something magical about a frosty stainless-steel bowl out of the freezer.

Empy stainless steel bowl

Grab your bowl and beat your heavy cream until it is slightly thickened.

Next add your powdered sugar and cocoa powder to your cream.

Sifting powdered sugar and cocoa powder

I prefer to sift my powders so there are no lumps making for a smoother finished mixture. This is not necessary, just another personal preference. Add vanilla and beat mixture until it holds its shape.

Whipping chocolate whipped cream

Spread mousse mixture over prepared and cooled brownies!

Mousse spread over brownies

You can serve this immediately or refrigerate and serve at your convenience.

I was feeling the need for some extra special attention so I grabbed ½ cup of frozen cherries out of the freezer and microwaved them for almost a minute until just thawed.

And this is the result!!!!

Cherries topped mommy mousse brownies

Finished it off with some decaf coffee in one of my favorite mugs, propped my feet up and enjoyed some decedent chocolate goodness while letting the stress melt away. Ahhhh mom life. It’s pretty amazing!!!

Of course, this treat truly is good anytime and one to impress!

Happy eating brownie crew!


Coffee with mommy mousse brownies

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