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How to Make your Coffee Pot Better!

Make your Coffee Pot Better!

As previously mentioned, I am a bit of a coffee snob. I love a really high quality cup of coffee, and I prefer to drink it black. One of the most important aspects of attaining a quality cup of coffee is the brew method. One of the best ways to do this, in my opinion, is with a french press. A french press is a bit limited in size, though. Sometimes you need a larger amount or you want it more automated. What I have for you today is a way to make your coffee pot better!

One of the downsides with coffee pots is that they rarely heat up the water to the correct temperature. The best temperature to brew coffee at is between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to extract all of the things you want while minimizing the bitter bad flavors you don’t want. This water temperature is pretty easy to hit if you are boiling water on the stove and then adding it yourself. If we are using a machine, such as a coffee pot, that obviously makes things quite a bit more of a challenge.

Another aspect of properly brewing coffee is the amount of time the water sits on the coffee grounds. There are many fantastic brew methods that do not have the water sitting on the grounds. When we are dealing with a coffee pot that is brewing at a lower temperature than is ideal, if we can affect the amount of time the water stays on the grounds, that can improve our quality in the cup.

I originally learned about the most basic technique from my brother. Since then I have added a bit more to it.

How do I make my coffee pot better? 

So we are going to be messing with temperature of brewing and the time the water spends on the grounds. For the first technique, you will want to reduce the total amount of water added to brew your pot by about 2 cups.

Here are the basics:

Heat water on the stove to 200ish degrees.

Take the carafe out from under the brew basket.

CAREFULLY pour your hot water over the grounds in the filter basket until about a half inch below the top of the filter.

Gently stir the grounds and hot water together.

Let sit about 1 minute.

Replace your carafe and turn on the coffee maker. Voila! Amazingly better coffee out of your coffee pot for not much work.


Concerned about pouring the hot water? Using a hot water kettle helps a lot! You can also use a modified technique.

Instead of heating water we are just going to increase the amount of time the water spends on the grounds.

Remove your carafe.

With the lid of your coffee pot open turn on your coffee pot so the water starts flowing. Stir the water into the grounds.

Continue stirring until the water is about an inch below the top of your filter.

Close the lid and put your carafe back in.


I realize this is a bit unconventional, and you can certainly buy a high quality coffee pot to brew coffee shop quality. While I am a coffee geek and love my toys, spending $250-$300 is not what I want to do right now. This enables me to spend $12 for a Mr Coffee Maker from Walmart for my occasional use and still get a good cup of coffee.

Please do be careful as this involves almost boiling water. As mentioned, using a hot water kettle of some kind would certainly make this easier and safer.

Let us know in the comments if you like these kind of tips!

Make it a tasty day,


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