Holler Roast Coffee: Drink Delicious Bean Juice |
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Holler Roast Coffee: Drink Delicious Bean Juice

Holler Roast

We recently talked about supporting small businesses, and I must say that I am impressed at the number of people I’m seeing come out to the farmers market and helping to support small businesses! Many of these people I have never seen before. It is super encouraging to me and to many others at the market to see this support! It’s not just your totally local businesses that need support, though, it’s all of them no matter where they are. Today I want to highlight someone who has been massively helpful to me and is worth checking out for all your coffee needs!

Nicole Sauce over at Holler Roast Coffee has been a massive help to me in our various business endeavors. She has consistently and graciously dealt with all of my questions and encouraged me along the way. Not only that but she roasts delicious coffee!

Here is her coffee story in own words
It all started with a cast-iron skillet and some green beans.

When Nicole Sauce moved to her rural homestead in Tennessee, she cared more about one thing that than any other: coffee. In the early years, Nicole would schlep coffee home from business trips in her luggage just to ensure that there would always be something tasty to brew at the Holler Homestead. Then one day, there was no more good coffee.

That was how Holler Roast Coffee came to be. It started with some green beans and a cast iron skillet. Nicole learned that not all beans are the same – and also not all roasters. She graduated through a kettle corn popper to a self-made drum roaster.

As more people tasted and loved Holler Roast, demand exceeded the homemade roaster. After several months of research and consideration, Nicole decided the best technology to achieve the right flavors was a forced-air roaster. This method whisks roasting smoke away from the beans, revealing their flavor without a smoky finish.

Holler Roast Coffee delivers a quality coffee experience without the fuss. It is sourced responsibly, usually from organic farmers. It changes seasonally because small farms create small crops.”


Holler Roast Coffee is truly some of the best coffee I’ve had. Nicole takes the time to roast every single batch and make sure what you get is absolutely delicious. Not only that, but she truly has the best decaf I have ever tasted. I know I’m an odd duck in that I drink mostly decaf with just a bit of caffeinated in it. Anyone who drinks decaf knows it is less flavorful than regular coffee. This is due to the process that removes the caffeine. Well Holler Roast decaf is absolutely the  best tasting decaf I have ever had.

As with any small business right now Nicole could really use your support right now. If you love coffee and especially if you normally buy from the grocery store please go check out Holler Roast Coffee.

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