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Grow Food In Your Pantry

Grow Food In Your Pantry

Hey Folks! One reason I have been absent is I’ve been working on learning video recording and editing. I’ve started a video series called: Grow Food In Your Pantry. I’ve been wanting to play around with some of these concepts for a bit. With the pandemic and all going on right now I figured whats a better time than now to start growing food indoors and why not record it!

What is it?

I’m doing something called Kratky hydroponics, also known as pumpless hydroponics. Long story short you have a giant bin of nutrient filled water and as the plants suck up the water it creates and air gap which gives the plant the oxygen it needs. This allows you to not have to worry about pumps going out, or electricity or any of that other none sense. You can even grow in mason jars if you want to!

Why Am I doing it?

Because I’m a crazy fool! I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile and I figured things getting crazy would be the best time. If you also live in the south you know that growing lettuce in the summer for salads is a total no go. If you can even get it to grow at all it tastes super bitter and is just no good. This enables me to grow salads all summer long!

I also want to show that anyone can grow high quality lettuce and herbs in a super small space. I am using 1 and will be 2 3 foot wide by 24 inch deep shelves. So at the moment I am using 6 sq feet of space and I have 24 plants growing. For just a little bit of money and time, and very little space you too can grow food!

I know several people who are getting ready to eat lettuce and greens in about 25-30 days. Thats crazy fast! Thats perfect for right now being stuck at home and not wanting to be going to the store every week to get new salad greens.

Come over to our channel and check out our series Grow Food In Your Pantry and our other videos!

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