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Gluten Free Saltines, Kinda.

Gluten Free Saltines

There seem to be 2 main cracker types – Buttery crackers like Ritz, or dry/salty crackers like Saltines. Sure, you have fancy seed crackers and such, but I’m relying on my childhood here. Butter crackers are great, but not always what is needed. Sometimes you need that super thin and crispy shatter from a saltine style cracker. While wondering my local health food store (they are probably the best stockers of GF stuff in our area), I stumbled upon Schar Table Crackers! They are a pretty good substitute for gluten free saltines, and I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Are you really sure?

Admittedly, I haven’t actually eaten a real saltine in… 14 years? So maybe I don’t remember the taste and texture perfectly. I think these are a pretty darn good substitute, though, and my wife (who is not always GF and does occasionally eat a saltine) agrees.  The flavor is nice on these – mild, as expected for that saltine style cracker, but not tasteless either, and nicely cruncy.

They are not mushy, or just shatteringly crisp like some GF crackers either. They are mostly made out of corn flour and tapioca starch, so they are a touch starchy but not overwhelmingly. They come packaged fairly well, and the crackers themselves are sturdy enough to make it through shipping and to your table without excessive breaking. I’ve found a few broken corners in every individual package, but the crackers are still definitely usable. They come in 6 double cracker count packages. They are perfect for throwing in a lunch box or a container of snacks for your day. When you go to break it, you do need to be careful to hold on each side of the cut line and break carefully if you want a straight/clean break.

If saltines are something you have been missing out on, or you want to make the infamous cracker candy (post coming on that, soon!), I think you should give the Schar Table Crackers a try. They are a great gluten free saltines substitute. They are quite tasty with cheese or any other topping you might choose. Have you tried them? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Make it a tasty day,


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