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Gluten Free Fried Fish


Do y’all know that some fried catfish is gluten free? Because if you enjoy fried foods and are desperately missing them since going gluten free, this is a great discovery! Cornmeal is normally used to fry catfish, so we use it for all our fried fish. Since some places add other flours to the cornmeal or use the same fryer for gluten-containing batters, it’s still better to make fried fish at home, and this hack will make it so easy that it’ll become a regular weeknight dinner. Plus, if you have little ones that like fish sticks, this is a way healthier and fresher version that the whole family can enjoy.

Cornmeal Breading:

1 1-gallon ziplock freezer bag

2 cups cornmeal

1 Tablespoon each salt & garlic powder

1 teaspoon each dried dill & pepper


Label your bag with the cornmeal ingredients – feel free to adjust ingredients to your liking. You may just want salt and pepper, or you may want to add onion powder, italian seasoning, or paprika to yours. Have fun! Once you’ve labeled your bag, dump the dry ingredients in and toss it a minute to mix. This is a great job for a toddler if you happen to have one available. The best thing about this breading mix is that you can drop the fish into the bag, toss to coat, take the fish out, and just pop the bag back into the freezer for next time! The freezer will keep it nice and fresh despite having touched raw fish, and there’s no need to defrost at all before using.

Quick Weeknight Meal

We keep one bag for fish and one bag for chicken in the freezer all the time. Add to it as needed, and it’s always ready to go. When dinner time hits, just grab your catfish filets or strips of halibut, toss them, fry them, and dinner is – done! This has become one of our quickest dinners! The kids love it, and you can use the leftovers chopped up in salad (similar to tuna salad) or re-heated with some tartar sauce on the side. It’s mess free, and it’s a crowd pleaser to boot.


Would you like to see our recipe for chicken breading? Let us know below!

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