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Finding Keto In Houston: Manna Bakeries

Jalapeno Bread and Cinnamon Roll Keto Houston

I’m going to be honest, I don’t buy premade products out very much.  Most of them are not very good, and I, frankly, despise paying so much when I know I can make them for myself. Sometimes you want something easy though, and it’s always nice to see what’s available. As I drive around Houston I am on the lookout for keto bakeries, and I stop in when I have the time to try them out. Today I have such a find for y’all.

Jalapeno Bread and Cinnamon Roll Keto Houston

Manna Bakeries

If you are in the Tomball, TX area, also known as northwest Houston, think about stopping by Manna Bakeries and trying them out. If you go to their website and are looking for their keto/GF menu it is not the easiest to find. They have their main menu listed on their front page, you need to click on the “Menu” submenu and you can find their keto menu at the bottom.

When I visited they had 8 or 9 of their keto items available. I did not ask, but I’m sure they do not have every item available every day. Call ahead if you are looking for one item in particular.

It was around 10 am when I stopped by. I purchased the cinnamon roll and the jalapeno cheese pull apart bread. I was impressed with both products.

Jalapeno Cheese Pull Apart Bread

The jalapeno cheese bread was good and a decent size. It was $4.75 plus tax, and it was the size of my hand, so you are talking about 5-6 inches across. The texture was nice, and the flavor was overall good. I have never had a keto product yet that does not have that weird aftertaste in the background. That was true here as well and I am unsure of what it is from.  It held together well, and did not totally fall apart like many keto products do. My only real complaint was that it did not have enough cheese, but I’m always unhappy with jalapeno cheese bread because of that!

Jalapeno Cheese Bread Keto Houston

Cinnamon Roll

The cinnamon roll was tasty as well. It was about 4 inches across and cost $3.25 plus tax. The texture was good as well. You could certainly tell it was keto, but once again it held together well and was pleasant to eat. It also had that “keto aftertaste” but it was not nearly as noticeable as the jalapeno cheese bread.

They use Swerve as their sweetener, and it was pleasantly sweet, with no sweetener aftertaste. It appeared to be a cream cheese frosting which was very nice. Overall a rather tasty keto cinnamon roll.

Cinnamon Roll Keto Houston

If you are looking for a premade keto product in Northwest Houston or Tomball, I would definitely recommend checking out Manna Bakeries! They also sell regular bread products so if you have multiple people in your group who can eat different things, it’s a good choice.

Make it a tasty day,


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