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Failure Happens

Ah… the sweet taste of failure and realizing that things are not the way they are supposed to be. Let’s talk about when things go wrong! Specifically when a product changes and you have to adapt. Failure happens – can you deal with it?

Failure – It Happens

It took me a couple weeks, but I realized that something was just “off” with our blondies. Nothing major, and they were still crazy delicious, buuut the coconut flour we use came in slightly different on the last batch, and I guessed that was my culprit. When we were developing the recipe originally, we did have issues depending on what brand of coconut flour we were using, so I knew that was a good place to look when issues come up.

So I did a bit of tweaking and played around with the amounts and voila! Everything is back to the way it is supposed to be, thankfully. Rather frustrating that it’s something I don’t have control over, though! I did reach out to my supplier and they expressed their apologies but did emphasize that it is a natural agricultural product and so variations are expected.

How To Cope?

Things fail sometimes. Natural things fail sometimes. This is absolutely true. However, it’s super duper frustrating, too! I’m going to implement rerunning test batches every time I notice one of my ingredients coming in slightly different. This will temporarily fix the problem. Why temporarily? I say temporarily because that’s not really a viable solution if you are producing anything at a larger scale. So, it will work for now, but I need to think through the future.

This is totally highlighted by pursuing all of our products being grain free. Not that sorghum or buckwheat, or even normal wheat flour is not subject to these variations. They absolutely are, but they are more stable products. There are also WAY more products and brands to choose from if you are just focusing on gluten free instead of grain free. There are basically only 5 grain free options, and 4 of those are starches which I would rather avoid. This leaves us in a lurch with having to use a product that may or may not be totally consistent.

So, in the end, we did some problem solving and surmounted the obstacle. Things are back to the way they are supposed to be. I wanted to give y’all a peek into the back ground of what it’s like to run a bakery, though. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of tasty food, and a lot of test batches and problem solving. If you’re going to enter into a small business, you need to have the patience to accept and work through problems that are out of your control. It’s just part of life!

Make it a tasty day,


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