Eating Gluten Free in Dallas: HG Sply CO |
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Eating Gluten Free in Dallas: HG Sply CO

HG Sply CO

Doing restaurant reviews feels a bit strange since I know many of y’all are not in Texas to begin with, and those who are in Texas are spread around. We all do travel, though, and I do think it’s helpful to know of places to stop in different cities. I was traveling myself for work last week up in the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. For dinner we went to HG Sply CO. We went to the location in Trophy Club.

I would describe it as higher end casual. The prices and food are a bit higher; average was $15 a plate, but a very casual atmosphere. I neglected to get many pictures – something to work on for future blogs! They have a large covered outdoor bar/patio area. When I have large, I mean LARGE – probably 6000 sq feet just by itself if not more.

Their vibe seems to be centered on getting together with friends, having a few good drinks, getting some good food, and having fun. It was a great family friendly atmosphere.

What Matters Most

The food was really good. They seem to have put thought into their menu and offer tons of options with quality ingredients. They use classic recipes but with a slightly varied take on things. The best part about it is that they said on their menu that they can make any dish gluten or dairy free. The staff seemed to have no issues with this and made sure my specific plate got to me even though several of us ordered the same dish.

HG Sply CO Menu

I ordered a steak, which is always a fairly safe bet for gluten free eating, which was pretty tasty. It wasn’t necessarily the best steak I’ve had in my life, but it was good. One of my coworkers is eating Keto and was able to grab something right off the menu. I believe it was salmon with fried cauliflower “rice”. He said it was really good. so this would be a great option for families or groups of people with different allergy needs!

In the end I highly recommend HG Sply CO if you are in the Dallas, TX area.  The food was good, and the prices were reasonable. Most importantly I feel like they are competent to adapt to whatever you food needs are. Let us know what you get and how it tastes if you stop by there!

Make it a tasty day,


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