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Eat Gluten Free Houston – Macaron by Patisse

Eat Gluten Free in Houston - Macaron's by Patisse

I will take a dessert in any form. Pie? Yes! Cake? Why not. Cookies, pastries, candy? Absolutely. It’s always nice to have something a bit more fancy, though. Oftentimes when it comes to gluten free desserts it becomes a challenge to find something on the fancier side. Many “fancier” desserts like puffed pastries and high quality cakes and pies are much harder to make gluten free. Thankfully, there is one naturally gluten free dessert that comes to our rescue. The macaron! Today we are going to check out Macaron by Patisse.

If you notice it is missing an “o” compared to our typical American pronunciation of it, that’s because the macaron is a French, meringue based cookie that is soft and chewy and oh so delicious. Whereas our normal pronunciation the “Macaroon” is the American egg white and coconut chewy cookie that is also oh so delicious!

Katie and I had a date night last week and while searching for a gluten free dessert place, which is remarkably hard to find, we found Macaron by Patisse. They have 4 locations in the Houston area, one in River Oaks, 2 kiosks in the Galleria and 1 up in the Woodlands.

What is a Macaron?

A macaron, as I mentioned above, is a meringue based “cookie” of sorts. The meringue is mixed with almond flour, which, when done right, creates a deliciously chewy but light and airy experience at the same time. The almond flour helps give structure and a very slight nuttiness. but frankly, unless you know better, you should not be able to tell that there are any nuts in them at all. They are a form of sandwich cookie with a flavored cream being squished between the two pieces.

They are a notoriously finicky dessert to make. This is due to the meringue base. Meringues are egg whites and sugar whipped together to form a foam. They are reliant on that foam being strong enough to hold the air that is mixed in. If the ratios are wrong (or sometimes even closing the oven door too hard will cause them to fall!), they won’t cooperate. This is one reason they are so expensive. Expect to pay around $2.50 to $3 a piece.

Our Experience

We went in about an hour before closing and still had a great experience. The one staff member was overall friendly and answered all of our questions. They not only offer macarons but also macaron gelato, various teas to drink and as well they offer macaron kits. At their main location in River Oaks they even offer macaron making classes – maybe we’ll get to do one in the future and bring you a review on that, too!

We tried 3 different flavors: Blueberry Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and the German Chocolate. All 3 of the flavors had that perfect slightly crispy on the outside, nicely chewy on the inside, and deliciously light and airy. The flavors were all great, but the blueberry vanilla was most certainly the best. The blueberry flavor was bright and perfectly balanced with the vanilla. It will be something I will be working on making our own version of!

Blueberry Vanilla! The best flavor!



Is it worth it going to Macaron By Patisse? Absolutely! They are a fun and delicious gluten free option. Perhaps not the most inexpensive option around, but I find the uniqueness of them to be worth it. If you are not in the Houston area, look for a macaron shop around you and enjoy! Let us know who your favorite macaron baker is in your own area! If you don’t like macarons, be sure to check out our other posts on gluten free desserts around Houston.

Make it a tasty day,


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