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Eat Gluten Free Houston Mostly: Pluckers Wing Bar

Having trouble eating out? The nice thing about certain types of food is that they are typically cooked separate for logistical reasons. Wings are one of those foods! Just to be clear – we are talking about bone in plain wings here, not “Boneless” wings. Most wing places go through so many wings they have separate fryers for everything, though you should always ask just to be sure.

This was the first time going to Pluckers Wing Bar for a work meeting. I always do my best to check out the menu before I go so I can throw a fit about restaurant choice if need be…. They do not have an actual gluten free menu, but they have a very nicely layed out allergen chart.

Frequently allergen charts are poorly put together and hard to read. They feel like they are simply slapped together with no real expectation of anyone actually using them. Occasionally you find one that is well put together. I still think restaurants should take the small additional amount of time to put it together into a gluten friendly menu, but at least a readable chart is a good start.

What can I eat?

Back to the topic at hand. I did confirm with them that they cook their bone in wings separately from their boneless wings and tenders. Could they be mixing oil occasionally? Yes, its possible. When fryers get cleaned the oil does get filtered, removing most of the stuff, and then put back into the fryers. Be aware of this and make wise decisions for your own body’s level of sensitivity.

As we’ve talked about before there is only so much reasonableness that can be expected from a restaurant dealing with so many different foods.We each have to know our own bodies and make our choices from there. Some people can get away with a ton, some none, and most of us are in the middle somewhere.

I also ate their waffles fries because, as we know, I am a sucker for french fries. I did not ask if they were fried separately or not…some risks are worth taking…

What are some good ground rules?

If you are new to the GF game, how should you eat out carefully?

  1. Check their menu before going.
  2. Call with Additional questions if needed
  3. If you are looking at a fried item like wings, ask if they use separate fryers or not
  4. Verify patiently as necessary. Questions never hurt, but they are busy people too. Calling during a non-mealtime will get you better information than asking your waiter in the middle of the dinner rush.
  5. Ask them to use clean bowls or whatever dishes to prepare your food so there is no cross contact
  6. Most importantly know your bodies limits

Would I eat there again?

Yes I would, their wings were quite good, and I would make sure to ask them to use a clean bowl to coat them next time. Their fries were ok but not worth the risk and money. If you are looking for wings I definitely recommend Pluckers!

Have any of y’all eaten at Pluckers? Let us know!

Make it a tasty day,


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