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Decrease Your Stress! The Physical Side

Good morning! Today we are going to continue talking about how to decrease your stress. Yesterday we talked about the mental things we can do to decrease stress. Today we are going to talk about the physical things we can do to decrease stress.

  1. Exercise: I have no doubt that you noticed the first part of this list was all mindset related. The mind is amazingly important. It can help us achieve great things or it can drag us down to the depths of despair and practically no matter what we do physically will get us out. The physical is really important as well, though! Regular exercise will help to decrease your stress. Exercise releases endorphins. It helps to loosen sore muscles and stiffness, and it helps to make us more confident of ourselves.

    Those 3 reasons alone should be enough! Another major benefit is that it shifts our focus off of our situation and onto the task at hand. You end up focused on reaching the end of our run, or doing the number of pushups we want, not on that crazy coworker.

  2. Take a Walk: Going out and taking a walk gains you many of the same benefits as vigorous exercise, but it is a different activity and has some other benefits as well. You will gain the biggest benefits from taking a walk if you can leave your phone at home. You don’t have to go on a long walk, maybe it’s just down the street.

    Walking allows you to focus on this activity, this task, not that big meeting coming up next week and all the work you still need to do on it. Take it with people you care about and enjoy the 5 minutes you are choosing to have together. Talk, think, and allow the cares of the world to go away for the short period you are enjoying just being. Taking a walk helps you refocus on what is important and decrease your stress.

  3. Eat Well: I am a fan of eating well since I run a business focused on food for people with food allergies. Even if you have no food allergies, eating a diet full of whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and not junk is going to help you feel better overall. The better you feel in general, the harder it is to be stressed. Being more successful in your healthy diet will help you feel more successful in all other parts of life.

  4. Eat Less Sugar: I love sugar, it is so tasty! Since I also run a brownie business, you might feel like this is a contradictory statement. I don’t believe so. I think a good yummy treat (like a delicious brownie !) is a great idea to decrease your stress as well. Eating sugar or brownies every day is not a good idea, though. Enjoy your treat, but don’t overdo it either! We do sell a sugar free brownie as well if you want to be totally off of sugar!

  5. Take a Break: Sometimes the best way to decrease your stress is just to take a break from the current situation. A walk is a great way to do that, but it might even just be changing tasks. Is a certain task is stressing you out? Put it to the side for 30 minutes and go complete another task that needs to be done. Especially if you can get it totally done in that time! Even getting up and going to the bathroom or getting a cup of coffee from the breakroom can help break the stress of the situation and help you to refocus.

These 5 physical things are just a few ways to help decrease your stress. Remember there is life ahead of this; be thankful for the situation to grow, and see how you can grow through this.

Make it a tasty day,


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