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The Jarvis brothers began their brownie-making journey when health problems forced them to go gluten-free back in 2000. Once they realized there were very few gluten-free options available to them, they set out together to create the best brownie in the world. Not just a gluten-free brownie, but the best brownie anywhere with any ingredients. Of course, it happens to also be gluten-free AND grain-free. They sought out the best quality ingredients: all-organic pure cane sugar straight from the sugarcane plant and Dutch-processed cocoa to make a deep chocolatey-fudgy brownie that every chocolate lover can indulge in. These high-quality ingredients can make you proud to feed this brownie to your family, and it’s something that everyone can enjoy with a good conscience.

After college, they gave a break to the brownie business in order to pursue their careers. This was met with much sadness among their loyal fans whose brownie-fix was disappearing for a while. After a few years in the workforce, Chris decided it was time to get the brownies back up and going so that no one had to miss out on the best brownie in the world anymore. Off Kilter Brownies restarted in 2017, and we continue to create the best products around.

Our original version is gluten-free AND grain-free. We also sell keto, paleo, and vegan versions. Buying these brownies helps support our young families, promotes small business and entrepreneurship, and also gets you a quick, easy-to-prepare, delicious treat that you can serve and know everyone will love.

Check out our shop, contact us at bites @ offkilterbrownies.com, and find us on Instagram and Facebook.


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