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A Sugar Free Soda You Can Love

Delicious Sugar Free Root Beer

Today I thought I would bring y’all something a bit different. Great root beer is a love of mine, which I rarely enjoy any more. While we have not cut out sugar entirely we try to keep it to a minimum. The terrible taste of most substitutes is the biggest reason we have not cut out sugar entirely. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I would rather eat less of something but have it taste really good than eat a poor substitute more often.

I have found a root beer that is stevia sweetened that makes me quite happy. A friend recently told me about Virgil’s Stevia Sweetened sodas a while back and I saw one yesterday and decided to try it. They not only have root beer but also Crème Soda, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Cola and Orange. You can see all their flavors here.

Delicious Sugar Free Root Beer


The flavor of the root beer itself did not seem quite as strong as in the past. That is quite possibly because I have not had a Virgil’s regular root beer in a while. The flavor was still excellent though. The stevia was not over powering. I did taste it, but it did not dominate everything. There was a slight aftertaste but I found it very pleasant for a sugar free soda. Your mileage may vary of course. My wife thought the stevia was way too powerful and did not like it at all.



The carbonation in it was perfect. It was nice and soft and creamy as odd as that may sound if you are used to typical sodas. I’m not sure if they use a different carbonation process or if it might be an effect of the stevia or something else. I found it highly pleasant though, and much more enjoyable than the harder carbonation of restaurant sodas.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for a sugar free soda, that is not chemically sweetened, and is not overpowering on the flavor I highly recommend Virgils Stevia Sweetened sodas. I will be choosing it when I want a soda but don’t want the sugar. They do sell it on amazon, I would recommend finding it locally though, as it is $25 for a 4 pack heh.

Do you have a favorite sugar free treat that you feel like truly tastes all most like the real thing? Let us know!

Make it a tasty day,


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