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10 Gluten Free Super Bowl Snacks!

Well it’s that time of year again! Time to gather with friends and family and watch 4 hours worth of commercials and eat tasty food. That’s all the Super Bowl is, right? Oh, there’s a sporting event, you say? Well, ok, you enjoy that while we eat all the snacks 😉 We’ve never been much into sports in our household, but that doesn’t stop us from having a fun time with friends and food! Unfortunately, in the land of pizza and snack food events, GF options can be hard to find. We’ve got 10 gluten free super bowl snacks for you today to bring to a party you’re attending or to make for your own party.

  1. Guacamole and Corn Chips: Homemade is, of course, always my preferred, but thankfully all guac I have ever seen in the store is gluten free. So if you need to buy, that’s an excellent option. You can always go the tortilla chip route, but there are also several grain free chip brands available you. Going low carb? Chicharrones are actually pretty good with guacamole, as are veggies….
  2. Veggies and Dip: Sure I get it, Super Bowl is about eating junk food right? But some fiber and vitamins are never a bad thing to add, and will ease those bloaty heartburn feelings that come from consuming large amounts of greasy snacks. Easy, healthy, and absolutely gluten free, it’s a great way to go. You can always make your own ranch as well.
  3. Wings: Everyone loves chicken wings! Before the wing craze, Tyson was talking about ways to get rid of the wings on the chicken because they were just a wasted part. Now everyone wants them, and Tyson wants a 6-winged bird! The nice thing about getting wings is that the volume is high enough they have their own committed fryers at restaurants. Cross contact can still occur, of course, but there’s a little less risk. If you feel uncomfortable with buying them, they really are super easy to make. Just cook them in the oven until crisp and toss with your preferred sauce. I’ll do a recipe post for that soon, so keep your eye out 😉
  4. Jalapeno Poppers: You really can’t go wrong with these. Cream cheese, bacon, chicken breast (or quail if you have it), and a bit of spice with the jalapeno. Yum! You can easily use a mild pepper with no seeds to totally knock out the spice. Many stores carry premade raw ones that you can just throw on the grill or in the oven, and these are equally delicious without the spicy prep!
  5. Artichoke Dip: This stuff is disturbingly delicious. Granted, it’s just basically cheese and a token spinach leaf, but hey, who’s arguing? Check out Alton Brown’s recipe, you really can’t go wrong. This can easily be served with tortilla chips as well. Or grab some gluten free bread of whatever variety and make toast points to serve along with – it even goes well on veggies or slices of ham!
  6. Chili: Always a crowd favorite in my opinion! I realize in many places (including here in TX) where adding beans is anathema but hey, it’s a great way to stretch the recipe and make it easier on the budget for a large crowd. So many options as well! I love both green and red chili, so have fun customizing this one.
  7. Nacho Cheese Dip: I really hate to say this, but it is a very viable gluten free option. What else can you just throw 2 ingredients in a pot and 30 minutes later be ready to go with no other work? Grab a block of your favorite melty American cheese and a can of Rotel and throw it in a crock pot and you are good to go! Healthy? No. But if you’re looking for a prized piece of Americana to add to your gluten free party, this is it.
  8. Sausage: Sausage on a stick, sausage in bbq sauce, sausage with apples and cabbage, just sausage, sausage and crackers. So many options with tubular meat for super bowl snacks! You have quite a few options when it comes to sausage for your party. Just take the time to look for a high quality sausage with as few additives as possible. Costco has a couple good brands. We like to grill whole, then slice into bites for serving with toothpicks.
  9. Chex Mix: We used to make this at Christmas all the time and I think when we went GF there was not many options for  it fell out of favor. Now that Chex is gluten free (the corn and rice varieties) and there are great gluten free pretzel choices, it’s super simple to make. You might even have GF bagel chips depending on your local stores.
  10. Little Smokeys: Always a fantastic favorite, Costco carries a brand that is gluten free and is free of artificial nitrates and nitrites. You can do these in bbq sauce as well or make pigs in a blanket! Schar now offers a puff pastry available which I will have a review of soon for y’all you could certainly use.

Bonus: You could of course also get some tasty brownies to have at your party as well 😉. Our raspberry cheese cake would go great!

What gluten free super bowl snacks do you like to make? Do you need help with any of these recipes? Let us know! And for more ideas, check out our pinterest board “gf superbowl snacks” or “whole30 family”!

Make it a tasty day,


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